Outdoor Collections by Teranew
Outdoor Collections by Teranew
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Copper Infused Cloth Face Mask / Kills Bacteria / 4 Ply / N99 Filter / 2 for $19

4 Ply adjustable anti virus antibacterial available bacteria cloth copper corona corona virus face mask coronavirus COVID 19 disaster eliminates emergency face mask face masks face masks in stock filter for sale high quality mandatory mask N99 protect protection PUBLIC public protection fromvirus public safety reuse virus protection

Cloth Copper Infused Face Masks / 4 Layers / First layer "Copper" infused cloth that eliminates "Bacteria" / Second layer N99 Filter / Third layer 100% polypropylene / Fourth layer 100% Cotton that's soft next to the face! Adjustable ear loops! 2 Masks for $19 with Free Shipping!

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